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What is a Tablet?

A tablet is a type of pointing device, just like a mouse. It comes with an electronic pen (a pen-shaped mouse) that operates only on top of the tablet (a special mouse pad). Since the pen is cordless and battery-free, computer operation can be carried out freely and intuitively. 

What can you do with a Tablet?

Not only for creating illustrations and web graphics/banners, with a tablet you can edit digital photos, write handwritten emails, create animations, and even write directly onto business documents (Word/Excel/PowerPoint/PDF etc.) as well. 

Can you draw illustrations with just a Tablet? 

In addition to a Tablet, you must have a drawing software or a photo editing software. Both Intuos* and Graphire series come with powerful drawing and photo editing software to help you start your creativity from day 1. *Bundle software are only available for Intuos2 DeepPurple/IcyBlue models:4x5,6x8,9x12 only.

What is the difference between a Tablet and an ordinary mouse? 

Wacom Tablets are cordless, ball-free and battery-free, so no worries of cleaning your pen, and no frustration of that unwanted cord ! Also, while a mouse operates using relative coordinates, a Tablet operates using absolute coordinates, making PC operation more intuitive. For example, with absolute coordinates, when you place your pen on the bottom left corner of the tablet surface, the cursor on the screen will move to the bottom left corner of the computer screen. No matter where the cursor is on the screen, once the pen is moved to the bottom left corner of the tablet, the cursor on the screen will move directly to the same place. 

Can a Tablet be used together with a normal mouse? 

Whether it's a mouse that come with your PC or another input device such as a trackball, Wacom Tablets can be used together anytime.

Why do you have different Tablet sizes? What's the difference? 

Whether the size is big or small, functions and performance are the same. What's different, is the feel of the operationality.

The Tablet's active area corresponds 1 to 1 to the monitor screen. So, when the Tablet size is small, the cursor movement on the screen compared to the length of the movement of the pen, will be much longer and requires getting used to difference. To the contrary, the more larger the Tablet size is, the less difference in the movement of the pen the movement of the cursor on the screen, resulting in a realistically natural feel of operation on the computer. This is why many professional graphic artists prefer the larger size Tablets for their artwork.

With a small Tablet, the cursor can be moved just with the wrist movement. On the other hand, with a large Tablet, the cursor is controlled with the armmovment. 

What can I do with a Tablet? 

Besides being a replacement of a mouse, Tablets can be used in various ways. Here are a few examples.
  • Photo Editing

    Tablets can help you easily edit and correct digital/scanned photos.
  • Erase the date printed on your favorite photo, and make a greeting card out of it. 

  • Partially brighten your child’s photo, so the beautiful background appears as it really was. 

  • Have fun combining photos and enhance your creativity 

    All of the above can be done easily with a Tablet, while with a mouse, it would take time and add frustration to the whole process.
  • Handwritten Emails

By using “PenPlus Personal” (Graphire3 bundled software), just like sending letters and facsimiles, now emails can be written freely by hand, adding an original touch to your ordinary emails. 

How does Wacom Tablets Work? 

Wacom Tablets take advantage of the electro-magnetic resonance technology developed by Wacom Co. Ltd. in which radio waves are sent to the stylus and returned for position analysis.

Thus you can even put a sheet of paper or photograph on the tablet surface and trace the drawing or photo on it , getting a digital image of the original drawing or photo easily . For a detailed description of the unique, patented Wacom technology please refer to our White Papers above  

Where can I find handwriting recognition software? 

There are various kinds of handwriting recognition software for Japanese, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, etc. available in the market . As for the recommended software title and its availability, please ask your local distributor for details . Usually they could recommend you specific software that is locally available. For further information and purchase details, please check the software vendor's web site.

For Windows users , Paragraph PenOffice or and Paragraph Calligrapher, is available. Both software support most common European languages. 

Mac OS 10.2 or higher has a handwriting recognition software called Inkwell, which is already part of the operating system.

Microsoft Office XP also has a built-in handwriting recognition. If it is not installed by default, you should use add/remove to install this function. For example, if you use a Traditional Chinese version of Microsoft Word 2002, you can use the Traditional Chinese handwriting recognition function. Currently Wacom tablet sold in Asia Pacific region is not bundled with any handwriting recognition software. Please kindly purchase, or find a trial version to try the software . 

How do I know whether other software supports Wacom tablets or not?

Wacom tablets work in ALL application software in a way like a mouse (in mouse mode, relative coordination mode). With the tablet driver installed, Wacom tablets work in absolute coordination mode. Other tablet functions, such as the eraser, tilt and tool ID functions , require built-in full support by the application software used. In other words, the pen only reacts to pressure in software that supports pressure sensitivity.

What is "Pen Pressure"? 

This feature of the Wacom Pens and eraser senses the amount of pressure being applied. This is used to create natural-looking pen, brush, and eraser strokes in applications that support pressure-sensitivity. Even more, with 512 pressure levels in a Graphire and 1,024 pressure levels in an Intuos, you can precisely control opacity, color, exposure, or line width while creating smooth curves and gradual transitions. Different applications take advantage of pressure sensitivity in many ways, depending on the application's capabilities. 

What is "Eraser"? 

Most Wacom input devices have an eraser attached at the back end. Depending on the setting in the Wacom Control Panel and the utilized application, you can erase the same way as you would do it with a pencil eraser head - and it's even pressure sensitive. Different applications take advantage of the eraser in many ways, depending on the application's capabilities.